May 2012 - present | Linux & Open-Source consultant at Inuits - ANTWERP

Advisement of the clients on the use of or the realization of Open Source software and Open Standards.

Combining own knowledge with the shared knowledge of a group of highly experienced colleagues to realize technical high standard projects.

July 2021 - Present | Operations Sheperd - Inuits

Support the internal operation engineers in their day to day job by facilitating various methods to achieve a happy and functional team over multiple countries.

Responsible for various projects with an ops mindset throughout the organization both internally as well as customer facing.

Supporting colleagues in their consultancy projects.

Bridging the gap between different units within the organization.

Trying to inspire with a positive enthusiastic bit naive transparent attitude.

Sept 2020 - August 2022 | Guest Lecturer: Server OS Expert Linux - PXL - HASSELT

Passing by the spark of Linux with in particular container orchestration towards the students of the 3th grade bachelor applied computer science

November 2017 - June 2021 | Operations Engineer - Trendminer - HASSELT

Setup and automation of the product’s deployment options: cloud-based or on premise.

Setup and automation of the internal development tooling and infrastructure.

  • ansible based
  • nomad / docker setup
  • prometheus implementation
  • azure been used as a public cloud
  • kubernetes gitops based flow using github actions in combination with argo cd

July 2017 - October 2017 | Continuous Integration Engineer - Zappware - HASSELT

Automation of the CI/CD chains for the components developed by the different teams in a dockerized container world. From IOS to Android to C++ and some backends.

Designed and implemented the dockerized container world using a docker swarm cluster, from the jenkins master and the different slaves to the actual artifact which is stored in a nexus repository and deployed on an internal node for QA and development against latest pushed code base for a maven project.

June 2015 - June 2017 | System engineer - Newtec Cy - SINT-NIKLAAS

Automating the validation environment for the dialog infrastructure using different types of open-source tools like puppet for configuration management, looking at packer for building reproducible image artefacts and a private cloud for the provisioning part. In such a way a validation engineer can easily spin up a specific test environment to perform the necessary test banks to validate the dialog hub against many different setups.

  • Puppetizing of many different tools for testing purposes
  • Implementing the torrent protocol for benchmarking against other protocols
  • Configuring packer templates for the cloud images
  • Setting up an openstack private cloud in line with the current validation environment

Next to the use case of the validation tests on the openstack private cloud also using it to have virtual development environments for the dialog platforms so developers have a flexible way of developing/bugfixing the product.

Using the many benefits of this setup in a way so automated builds of the dialog product are deployed immediately so bugs are discovered as fast as possible within the development cycle.

Last but not least using this virtual environment to bootstrap hardware components within the dialog platform so they match as much as possible the production environments for validation tests.

March 2015 - June 2015 | System engineer - International Post Corporation - EVERE

Helping the IT Team a hand during a datacenter migration of their production, test and uat environments. Troubleshooting various issues through the migrations of the different tomcat application servers.

  • Provisioning new systems through puppet
  • Implementing puppet roles & profiles
  • Introducing LVM

August 2012 - December 2014 | Automation of devops workflow - UGent Boekentoren - GENT

Implementation of puppet, maintaining those server configurations. CentOS/RedHat based. Providing support to the dev team by using a bunch of open-source tools.

  • Configuration management for RHEL based servers using puppet
  • Setup fo Icinga monitoring and bacula backup system
  • Migration of puppet 2.x to puppet 3.x
  • Using jenkins for package deployment of internally developed software
  • Implementing foreman and cloudstack for provisioning development machines
  • Optimizing puppet setup in combination with jenkins

August 2012 | Monitoring development environment - Belnet - BRUSSELS

Analysing the zenoss monitoring software for belnet, a Belgium Telco company. Testing out the zenoss core 4 against the specifications of the belnet network.

Deploying zenoss 3 and customizing to the requirements of belnet.

April 2010 - May 2012 | Support Engineer at Dataflow Consultancy - HEVERLEE

November 2010 - March 2012 | Service Engineer - Belgacom - BRUSSELS

Configuration of business customers for both single-site and multi-sites within the explore network (Cisco, Alcatel, Thomson ..) with the specific options as shared netfirewall configuration (FortiGate), mobile data / workers / backup (3G), backup silver and gold, teleworking.

Troubleshooting on CPE or backbone to quickly solve problems.

April 2010 - October 2010 | Inside Network Operations - Belgacom - BRUSSELS

Callback operation for business customers fast internet. Contacting the client after installation, respond to any problems.

Appropriate solutions tailored to the customer to increase the customer satisfaction.


Higher education

2009 - 2010 | Katholieke Universiteit LEUVEN | Faculty of Science

Linking program, Master in Applied Informatics

2005 - 2009 | Katholieke Hogeschool LEUVEN | Dept. Health & Technolog

Graduation: Bachelor in Applied Informatics

Specialization: System engineer

Final project: Automated unix server park using puppet


Linux - Ubuntu - TCP/IP - Cisco - Unix - LaTeX - Scripting - PHP - Fortinet - Routing - WAN - BGP - VLAN - Ethernet - HSRP - Nagios - Cacti - Cisco Technologies - MySQL - Organizational Behavior - AJAX - Apache - Mobile Communications - Python - Puppet - Eucalyptus - Optical Fiber - Copper Cabling - CentOS - KVM - Xen - Zenoss - Icinga - RedHat - Jenkins - Bash - Bacula - Pelican - Tracks - Hubot - Bacula-web - LVM - Software RAID - ArchLinux - Arduino - Digital Signage - Dashing - Xibo - Concerto - Raspberry pi - Raspbian - ArchLinx arm - Spacewalk - Cobbler - Packer - OpenStack - Packstack - AWS - InfluxDB - Grafana - Telegraph - Icinga2 - Docker - LXC - cAdvisor - Prometheus - Azure - Nomad - Terraform - Consul


CCNA Certificate (409464168482JNAN)

Leisure time

Scouts & Gidsen Vlaanderen - Commissaris Groepsleiding

From December 2011 - December 2012 Support group leaders within the national operation of Scouts en Gidsen Vlaanderen through various projects. Contribute to and promote the educational and structural policies from Scouts en Gidsen Vlaanderen.

Scouts, De Vlasbloem - NIEUWENRODE (B1705G)

Actively done for about 14 years, 5 years as a member, 7 years as a chief from which 4 as group leader.

Running, cycling swimming, snow- and longboarding