1. Nest

    A few years ago I discovered the nest thermostat. It looked nice, is connected to the internet, self learning but a bit expensive and not so much documentation if it will work in Belgium nor with the boiler we have installed (Vaillant TurboTec).

    Doing some research on the internet I figured that they have updated their system software and are supporting European countries including Belgium. A solution for the power has also been found by an ICY converter so it could easily be implemented in setups where no power is transferred over those wires.

    So I had only to tackle …

  2. Chromium eid

    During this time of the year in Belgium most people needs to fill in their taxes forms.

    Since a few years the Belgium government provided an electronic way to accomplish this task. Using a digital passport you can authenticate yourself.

    I wanted to use this nice tool so I had to configure my local setup to have it all glued together on my linux machine.

    The necessary steps I described in this post so other interested people can use their linux setups also to fill in the tax forms.


    The mayor package to install on a fedora machine is …

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