1. Raspberry pi setup

    Since I discovered the joy of linux servers over desktop distributions a few years ago I revived an old portable and promoted him to be my home server.

    Connected him our router in the little storage room on a top shelf gathering dust I could test, configure, break (and pass sleep) a huge variety of open-source software.

    Many of those adventures I also used to provide my blog with content. After a while I figured this setup isn't really needed to be powered on 24h a day 7 days a week. So I bought myself a raspberry pi which would …

  2. Irssi bitlbee channel

    Every time I want to join a channel on a jabber account using bitlbee I'm a bit confused and have to search the whole inter-webs before actually finding out howto configure my chat setup to do so.

    My online search points me out to the bitlbee wiki. Nevertheless those commands never got to the point to have it actually working. After many attempts a colleague pointed me to the right solution.

    To never forget it anymore and sharing the working setup with the world I summarize it in this blog post.

    In your bitlbee control channel &bitlbee :

    chat add [account …

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