1. Dropbox

    Reading this article will go through the process I went through configuring multiple dropbox accounts on my centos machine (one personal and one for work) and encrypting them both using encfs.

    That way I'm sure dropbox can't read the data stored into it. Because no I don't trust anybody on the cloud!

    In the first part I will configure 2 dropbox services using a CentOS 6 Desktop, in the second part I will encrypt those 2 dropbox services using encfs.

    The first account you can just install and configure the normal way provided by dropbox itself. Here I configured my …

  2. Writing customized icinga checks

    Recently I started to try writing a customized script for the icinga monitoring tool. I will try to describe the steps I went trough to achieve this in this post. I assume you already have a working icinga setup. If not you can find documentation about this on http://docs.icinga.org/.

    First of all you need to script. I created a script which will check if a service is running using the command

    # /etc/init.d/service status

    to see how to implement this in icinga. The script can be found on my github repo.

    Once you have tested …

  3. SMS server using CentOS, kannel and playsms

    On this page I will describe the way I went trough to configure an sms gateway using a laptop, huawei modem, falcom A2D-1 or the option Globetrotter hardware using the open source software kannel & playsms.

    The main goal of this project was related to the scouting movement in Belgium I'm active. We wanted to interrogate all of our members who were on a start weekend of the next scouting year. To do this we had the idea to use the sms communication channel. This because almost every youngster has the possibility to send sms messages without a big effort.

    To …

  4. Puppet module mumble-server

    Mumble is an open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software primarily intended for use while gaming.

    Puppet is a tool designed to manage the configuration of Unix-like and Microsoft Windows systems decoratively.

    The puppet-mumble module installs a mumble server (version 1.2.3) automatically on a CentOS 6.x machine using the puppet software based on mumble-documentation.

    The module needs a repository which contains the mumble-server package. I distribute this package on my own visibilityspots repository.

    Using puppet this will create the necessary mumble user and group and will configure the mumble-server using your desired settings, like username, password …

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