1. Cisco HWIC 3G configuration to 2G

    In some cisco routing devices you have the possibility to extend the features with a HWIC 3G card so mobile connectivity is added to your network infrastructure. This can be interesting for a mobile fail-over connection.

    But as we all now, the mobile reception isn't always that good. To see the signal strength on your cisco device you can use:

    show cellular 0/0/0 connection

    depending on which slot you plugged the HWIC card into. If the measured value is beneath the -100 dBm then you have sufficient signal to setup a 3G ( CDMA - WCDMA) connection on.

    If that's …

  2. BGP announcing default route

    Advertising default route with BGP

    If you want to announce the default route which is statically routed then you have to add following commands to the working BGP configuration:

    ip route
    router bgp 65001
    default-information originate

    when you then clear the ip bgp routing softly (so the current connecting will not be broken)

    clear ip bgp soft in
    clear ip bgp soft out

    you should see that the default route is will be advertised:

    sh ip bgp summary
    sh ip bgp neighbors IP …

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