1. Conky-colors

    Back in the days I once wrote a blogpost about a conky setup on a Ubuntu desktop. In the meantime I'm not using ubuntu anymore and kinda tweaked my whole conky setup. I switched to fedora 18 and using conky-colors those days in front of the ratpoison window manager.

    This post will go trough all the steps I did to came to the actual result. When something isn't clear, or could be done on a more smoother/better way, please feel free to bug me about it!

    Installing some required packages before actually compiling the conky-colors source:

    $ sudo yum install …

  2. Conky

    To monitor the different resources of my local system I use conky. After you installed the conky software you can start with the configuration of it.

    $ apt-get install conky conky-colors

    After I adapted the configuration my desktop became like this:

    Desktop image

    At the left side there is a pane which only monitors my system resources. The config file for it, conkyrc should be placed in your home directory as a hidden file (naming it .conkyrc).

    When you now type in conky in your terminal, you should see appearing the pane on your desktop:

    Left panel

    On the right bottom I created an rss …

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