1. Nexus OSS repository manager

    looking for a global repository store which could store maven projects, yum repositories, docker repositories, we bumped into Nexus repository manager. We used the official docker image to see how it can be implemented in the dockerized CI environment.

    docker repository

    as a first the docker repository feature could be enabled so we can start building and storing docker images for the different jenkins build slaves and the jenkins master so our work is reproducible and stored in a safe central place.

    We configured 3 repositories in nexus for our docker images seen as a recommended approach in the nexus …

  2. Ratpoison window manager

    My first steps in linux where on a ubuntu distribution, when you could order the ISO images on a cd-rom delivered by the post.

    I liked it a lot and ever since I only used linux on my home based devices. Following the releases of Ubuntu. Starting at inuits I tried something else and installed CentOS desktop on my laptop. The idea behind this was to gain experience on the CentOS distributions.

    Once I figured out that it didn't made sense since a laptop has other purposes then a server. By the time we got new machines I decided to …

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