1. Simple monitoring

    As I already wrote about in the past I have a raspberry pi running at home. I do also have a VPS running somewhere on the interweb for an owncloud instance.

    Being a sysadmin I wanted to know when my home devices become unreachable and when the owncloud instance is down. By mail in the first place if possible by sms message for free in the ideal world.

    And guess what, I managed to reach the ideal world to monitor my instances. Over here I'll describe how I managed to do so.


    First of all you need to install …

  2. Conky

    To monitor the different resources of my local system I use conky. After you installed the conky software you can start with the configuration of it.

    $ apt-get install conky conky-colors

    After I adapted the configuration my desktop became like this:

    Desktop image

    At the left side there is a pane which only monitors my system resources. The config file for it, conkyrc should be placed in your home directory as a hidden file (naming it .conkyrc).

    When you now type in conky in your terminal, you should see appearing the pane on your desktop:

    Left panel

    On the right bottom I created an rss …

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