1. NRPE troubleshooting

    When refactoring a check_memory I wrote a few years ago I bumped into the feared

    NRPE: Unable to read output

    error message on our nagios instance.

    When looking for a solution I went through most possible debug steps I could think of and which are nicely described by nagios support but didn't found any solution.

    I almost grabbed to some anti depressants when I thought of the thing I always forget about.


    When crawling through the audit log it became clear I forgot to configure the proper selinux context type for the new script.

    type=PATH msg=audit(1518702310 …

  2. Writing customized icinga checks

    Recently I started to try writing a customized script for the icinga monitoring tool. I will try to describe the steps I went trough to achieve this in this post. I assume you already have a working icinga setup. If not you can find documentation about this on http://docs.icinga.org/.

    First of all you need to script. I created a script which will check if a service is running using the command

    # /etc/init.d/service status

    to see how to implement this in icinga. The script can be found on my github repo.

    Once you have tested …

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