1. SMS twitter wall

    A long time ago I was active in the local scouting group. To earn some money to keep our group in a healthy financial position we organized a so called vedettweekend. It's an event where people can have a beer, vedett obviously spin a dance, enjoy a spaghetti and have a good chat with your friends.

    I always played with the idea of creating a social media wall on one of the projectors we rented for the event. But I never found/made time for it, until today.. My youngest brother is who's interests are overlapping with mine brought up …

  2. Showing birthdays using php

    For our local scouting group it seemed nice to write a birthday script which displays for every member on the day of his/her birthday the name and age on our homepage.

    Something like "We wish XXX a happy # anniversary!'

    To accomplish this I wrote a php script which gets the data of our members from a mysql db and shows the messages on the right day on our website. In the meantime also an automatic mail will be send to the person with some sort of 'personal' message.

    database connection (db_connectPear.php)

    < ?php
    $dsn = array(
     'phptype' => 'mysql',
     'username' => 'DBUSERNAME' …

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