1. Archlinux ARM pi zero cups network print server


    Probably like many amongst us the time of the Christmas holidays is perfect to get some IT related stuff back on track. I used to have a print server setup which got broken over time and I didn't found the energy to invest time into fixing it. But the pressure became higher and higher. 111 From both my wife and daughter, especially during the holidays where the wife want to use it to print out tickets and the daughter want to print out color plates..

    So during one of the evenings I pulled myself together and installed ArchLinux ARM …

  2. Command line printing & scanning

    Since I discovered the joy of using the ratpoison window manager I'm trying to do all tasks I need to perform on my system using the command line.

    One of those frequently used tasks is printing out documents or scanning in files. Until today I used the software viewer of my documents to print and simple-scan to scan my files.

    Nowadays I use the command line to perform those tasks. To print out documents I use the lp command:

    "Get the status off all printers on your system"
    $ lpc status all
    "Print the desired file to a specific printer"
    $ lpr …

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