1. NRPE troubleshooting

    When refactoring a check_memory I wrote a few years ago I bumped into the feared

    NRPE: Unable to read output

    error message on our nagios instance.

    When looking for a solution I went through most possible debug steps I could think of and which are nicely described by nagios support but didn't found any solution.

    I almost grabbed to some anti depressants when I thought of the thing I always forget about.


    When crawling through the audit log it became clear I forgot to configure the proper selinux context type for the new script.

    type=PATH msg=audit(1518702310 …

  2. Lighttpd change tcp port in CentOS

    It seems like a very simple job, and in fact it is. But I had an issue when I tried to change this in my Cent OS 6.3 setup.

    After some digging on the internet I found out selinux was the blocking factor.

    The configuration of the new port has to be done in the lighttpd conf file.


    server.port = 2080

    When I changed the config file and restarted the /etc/init.d/lighttpd service I got following error:

    (network.c.379) can't bind to port:  2080 Permission denied

    I checked that I added the …

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