1. Raspberry pi setup

    Since I discovered the joy of linux servers over desktop distributions a few years ago I revived an old portable and promoted him to be my home server.

    Connected him our router in the little storage room on a top shelf gathering dust I could test, configure, break (and pass sleep) a huge variety of open-source software.

    Many of those adventures I also used to provide my blog with content. After a while I figured this setup isn't really needed to be powered on 24h a day 7 days a week. So I bought myself a raspberry pi which would …

  2. CentOS 6.4 software raid & LVM

    Been asked to setup a software raid of 12TB on a minimal CentOS 6.4 installation with 5 disks of 3TB each. Never played with raid nor lvm before so the challenge was great!

    I started by doing research about RAID. Came to the conclusion that RAID 5 was the best option for our purpose. So kept looking for a way to implement a software raid and stumbled into mdadm.

    Using the information of Richard's and Zack Reed's blogs I easily setted up the raid array and created some lvm volumes on top of that.

    Creating of 3TB …

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