1. Traefik SSL grading

    Recently I discovered that many of the services I deployed upon my nomad cluster didn't had the SSL A grading I expected them to have. Somehow I asumed the traefik letsencrypt implementation got the A rating by default.

    After running the testssl.sh container it turns out they don't;

    $ docker run --rm -ti drwetter/testssl.sh domain.org
     Rating specs (not complete)  SSL Labs's 'SSL Server Rating Guide' (version 2009q from 2020-01-30)
     Specification documentation  https://github.com/ssllabs/research/wiki/SSL-Server-Rating-Guide
     Protocol Support (weighted)  95 (28)
     Key Exchange     (weighted)  100 (30)
     Cipher Strength  (weighted)  90 (36)
     Final Score …

  2. Traefik nomad route53 setup

    I have this nomad cluster running on some spare devices for a while now. Serving my plane spotting setup, dns setup, mqtt bridge and some other services I experiment with throughout the years. Until today I've always relied on the ip addresses to point my browser and other services towards the different services. For my DNS setup I even had to pin the jobs towards specific hardware using meta data.

    But I've always wanted to implement a proxy in between so I could rely on DNS names instead. This would also increase the flexibility of my DNS setup since for …

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