1. BIOS upgrade lenovo archlinux

    I got some issues with my wired connection lately that the speed wasn't negotiated correctly and it felt back to 10Mb/s as default.

    Did some troubleshooting by eliminating various network devices, restarting them but the results didn't satisfy. Being completely random when and when not auto negotiated.

    Before becoming insane I decided to update the bios of my machine (being a lenovo T460s).

    I did this already in the past and talked about it even on one of our monthly last Friday's at work. So I was quite sure I had something written about it for future reference but …

  2. Ansible-playbook archlinux upgrade

    Since a few years now I'm a happy Archlinux user. I like their philosophy which was one of the major points why I made the switch back in the days.

    I'm not only using it on my laptop, but do have some devices running at home which are configured with it. From a thin client which I use as a docker node through some raspberry pies running ArchlinuxARM.

    Since Arch is a rolling update distro there are several updates available throughout the day. To keep on top of them I had to log in on all those devices at least …

  3. Upgrade to puppet 3.3.0

    I finally got to the point where I upgraded a whole puppet infrastructure from puppet 2.6.x to the last stable version of puppet, 3.3.0. And after finding out the way to go it was surprisingly easy and no big issues came across.

    One of the main reasons to upgrade was to start using the latest version of foreman, were we used 0.4, so we can start provisioning our own development vm's with some fancy cloud solution like for example cloudstack using our production puppet tree.

    Before the upgrade we had the puppet-client & server (2.6 …

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