1. CPAN rpm packages

    I went crazy from perl and the installation of their modules. For some icinga checks we need to install a few base perl packages using cpanminus. It's taking a long time before the installation succeeds depending on the internet connection or server specifications.

    Using a puppet exec to automate this installation is frustrating because the timeout is unpredictable and could take hours from time to time!

    So I started to look for a way to package it into an rpm which I can distribute over our own yum repository.

    The first software I got reviewed is cpan2rpm, it looked promising …

  2. Create and distribute .rpm package

    You wrote a piece of software and want to distribute it on an easy way through a yum repository? That can be done, by making in the first place an rpm package of your code.

    In the first place you need to set up a directory structure. This can be done using the tool rpmdevtools on a rhel based machine:

    # yum install rpmdevtools

    Once you installed the software you need to setup the directory tree:

    $ rpmdev-setuptree

    This will install the necessary rmpbuild directory tree.

    You will see there is create a SOURCES directory, you need to get your software source …

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