Recently we installed a Lacie Network Space 2 at home. Easy to share documents on the LAN network, having a central place for common media etc. After playing around with it I wanted to see if it's possible to gain access to the underlying operating system of it. On that way I could for example use this access to wake up a pc with wake on LAN.

And guess what, it can be done and thanks to a script of a guy Andreus it's even very easy! I found a forum post about his work and tested it successfully with the latest firmware version 2.2.8!

After you created the right capsule the best way do update is to force it manually.

When you achieved to get ssh access to the device you can play around with it, by for example installing debian squeeze in a chkroot environment. On the wiki of you can find more information how to play around with your ssh access.

Have fun with it!