I got a great opportunity by attending LinuxCon in Edinburgh.

Will try to share my experiences there in this blogpost by listing the topics and people I found interesting so perhaps others could take also advantage of it.


Apache mesos

a cluster manager that provides efficient resource isolation and sharing across distributed applications or frameworks.


a pipeline oriented project gating and automation system.


The LTTng project aims at providing highly efficient tracing tools for Linux. Its tracers help tracking down performance issues and debugging problems involving multiple concurrent processes and threads. Tracing across multiple systems is also possible.


OpenSAF is an open source project focused on Service Availability (SA) that goes beyond High Availability (HA) requirements. The goal of the OpenSAF project is to develop middle ware based on open and industry standard interfaces for applications requiring uninterrupted 24x7 service.

The phoenix project

A novel about IT, Devops and helping your business win.


Buildbot is a continuous integration system designed to automate the build/test cycle


OpenDaylight's mission is to facilitate a community-led, industry-supported open source platform, including code and architecture, to accelerate adoption of Software-Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualization. hydrogen: http://www.opendaylight.org/news/2013/09/converge-network-digest-opendaylight-hydrogen-open-source-sdn


Offers some services about open-source licensing

Interesting people:

Colin Charles

Gave an entertaining talk about databases solutions in the cloud, with neat comparisons using relevant pro's and contra's between the different cloud based database providers without being boring just listening facts and numbers.

James Bottomley

A true container based cloud believer who inspired almost everyone in the room to use containers for their virtual appliances instead of the traditional virtual machines.

David Nalley

Gave an interesting presentation walk through how you could use cloudstack for a development environment.

Mikko Hypponen

In times as today where the whole NSA topic is as hot as hell this guy talked about surveillance and got a great response from the audience talking as a keynote.