1. Hubot, the github chat automated bot

    Some weeks ago I was asked by a customer to implement a bot on an IRC channel. Did some research about this topic and stumbled on the github hubot.

    The installation on a dedicated server running CentOS 6, using the irc adapter isn't hard. By following those steps you can easily start your own bot on a specified IRC channel.

    You need some pre installed packages:

    # yum install openssl openssl-devel openssl-static crypto-utils expat expat-devel gcc-c++ git

    After installed those pre requirements nodejs is the next service we need. You can install the newest version using rpm packages you can find …

  2. Irssi bitlbee channel

    Every time I want to join a channel on a jabber account using bitlbee I'm a bit confused and have to search the whole inter-webs before actually finding out howto configure my chat setup to do so.

    My online search points me out to the bitlbee wiki. Nevertheless those commands never got to the point to have it actually working. After many attempts a colleague pointed me to the right solution.

    To never forget it anymore and sharing the working setup with the world I summarize it in this blog post.

    In your bitlbee control channel &bitlbee :

    chat add [account …

  3. GTalkSMS mobile alerting through xmpp protocol

    Recently I bumped into GTalkSMS when I was surfing the net for manuals on irssi & bitlbee using to chat so I could move away from pidgin.

    This GTalkSMS tool is quite cool. When am at work or at home my mobile isn't always in my sight. Therefore it could happen someone has to call me a few times before I answer the call.

    (biggest frustration of the girlfriend meaning you have to answer your call within a time period of 3 seconds because you're working in IT)

    Using this nifty tool you can control your mobile through your favorite chat …

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