Recently I bumped into GTalkSMS when I was surfing the net for manuals on irssi & bitlbee using to chat so I could move away from pidgin.

This GTalkSMS tool is quite cool. When am at work or at home my mobile isn't always in my sight. Therefore it could happen someone has to call me a few times before I answer the call.

(biggest frustration of the girlfriend meaning you have to answer your call within a time period of 3 seconds because you're working in IT)

Using this nifty tool you can control your mobile through your favorite chat client by the xmpp protocol. You install the app from the google play market on your phone, choose if you want to use a separate account (preferred by the guys who developed it) I created one on

Fill those credentials into the mobile app and connect your chat client to the chosen account.

Once configured you can start sending commands to your phone for example the command 'where' and you get the google maps location link.

Have fun controlling your phone the geek way!